Annual Studio Holiday Sale

Annual Holiday Sale (415x800)


We have a spectacular freezing fog this morning – beautiful to look at and a menace to drive in! As I write this letter the chickadees and woodpeckers are hitting the bird feeder with  this great enthusiasm and cheerful noise. We decorated for Christmas today and the hoarfrost made it all perfect. I am deeply grateful for my health, for my family, my friends, life as an artist and for each of you – admirers and collectors of my art.


I want to wish each of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


    Studio Holiday Sale


I know many of you look forward to this each year – the Annual Holiday Sale! How I wish I could see you all and share a few minutes chatting here in the studio with you. When friends and collectors come by the studio, one of my favorite things is watching them peek around in stacks of small paintings and through my storage slots and shelving looking for little gems and works they might have missed before. Maybe it’s time to start holding an actual ‘Studio Sale’ too, with announcements around town and such. One more thing to consider for next year…


This year, I’m offering a variety of paintings, both newer and older, at a savings between 10% and 35% off, depending on how recent or not-as-recent the paintings is.

Anptaniya II (First Glimmer of Morning) 9" x 12" Oil 15% off $595.00
Anptaniya II (First Glimmer of Morning)
9″ x 12″ Oil 15% off $595.00




Shipping (in the continental US) is included. The sale runs through January 2nd this year. Happy hunting!



At the Falls 11" x 14" Oil 15% Off $830.00
At the Falls 11″ x 14″ Oil
15% Off $830.00



Fall Glory 11" x 14" Oil 15% Off $830.00
Fall Glory 11″ x 14″ Oil 15% Off $830.00

These are some of the most recent paintings. To look at the rest of the paintings on sale please go to my website at  I would love to chat with you abut the story behind each painting so please feel free to give me a call 406-756-7638 or shoot me off an email:

McDonald Creek 11" x 14" Oil 15% Off $830.00
McDonald Creek 11″ x 14″ Oil 15% Off $830.00









And don’t forget that some of not so recent paintings on the site are 35% off. Just email me about the one you’d like!

Along the Flathead
Along the Flathead 9″ x 12″ Oil 15% Off $595.00

Merry Christmas!