Art Party…

Art Party!


Earlier this year my dear friend Sandy from Centennial Timberframes asked me if I could do an art party for her granddaughters 12th birthday. Which I was delighted to respond with “heck, yeah!” So we came up with the idea of doing silk paintings on prepared hoops so the girls could hang the finished paintings.

We used mandala’s as a pattern. What is a mandala?

The ancient art of the mandala brings upon an individual a feeling of completeness and enlightenment. Named for the Sanskrit word for circle, the mandala has long been used as a healing and meditation tool.The mandala can be seen everywhere we look. From the very tiny atom to the Earth or Sun themselves, this circle truly is life. Wherever there is a circle with a center, there you will find a mandala. In Tantric Hinduism and Buddhism is a diagram representing the universe, used in sacred rites and as an instrument of meditation. The mandala serves as a collection point for universal forces. By mentally “entering” the mandala and moving toward its center, one is guided through the cosmic processes of disintegration and reintegration. Mandalas may be painted on paper or cloth, drawn on the ground, or fashioned of bronze or stone.I often use mandalas in my work as an art therapist.
I provided a selection of mandala patterns for the girls to trace onto their hoops. Once they had them drawn onto the silk then we applied a resist. The resist is what you use to draw the lines and keep the dye in a specific area. Once the resist had set up then we applied color. The results were fantastic and the girls (big and small!) had a really great time. Here are a few pictures of our little art party!!