Artist In Residence at Sperry Chalet | The Vote is In

Artist In Residence at Sperry Chalet | And The Winner Is…?

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My final night at Sperry. I am sad to be leaving and wishing I could stay for another week  (except that I miss my dog!). The time flew by– it went so fast.

In exchange for my time at the Sperry Chalet I was asked to donate a painting done during my stay. On my last night at the chalet I decided to ask  the amazing staff and guests of the chalet help me to decide which painting would the one by voting on all the paintings done during my time at the chalet.

Drum-roll please….

I assigned each painting a number and after dinner I encouraged every one to vote for the painting they liked the best. In a surprise turn of events we had a tie between the painting of the falls and the wild flower series! Drama, drama, drama! It was all very American idol.

Wildflowers at Sperry Chalet
Wildflowers at Sperry Chalet

So then we had a tie breaker vote.

The wildflower series won by a single vote.

Here they are framed and ready to hang in the chalet!

I want to thank Kevin and the staff of the chalet for an amazing experience. It was glorious and very hard work. I loved every  minute of it…well maybe not the hike in–that about killed me! (Rene I apologize. I was very grumpy when I arrived.)  But the rest of it was simply wonderful, beyond words! I was overwhelmed and inspired by the landscape. The opportunity to dive into my craft without interruption was priceless.


I am so looking forward to devoting some time this winter to doing some larger canvas of the utterly sublime and immense panoramic vistas from the glacier. I can’t wait to create a series of paintings from the tarns. I was quite enchanted with the reflections of snow, ice and the color of the water.


Stay tuned there will more to come out of my adventures at Sperry Chalet!