Sperry Chalet Study…

Sperry Chalet Studies

Working From the Study

Painting at the Falls Photo courtesy of Roger Hankins
Painting at the Falls
Photo courtesy of Roger Hankins

Well, I am finally getting some time to start working with one of the plein air studies I did during my stay at the Chalet this past summer.  Sometimes a plein air study is fabulous and a complete painting in and of itself. Love it when that happens! Other times it gives you a great starting point for a painting or a series of paintings. As you may recall, this is the plien air painting of the falls along the trail up to the glacier.


Here is a quick pastel drawing of the falls.

sperryfalls2014 005_natalienorrellstudio.com (800x600)

While this is incomplete and rather loose pastel drawing you can see I am starting to work out some of the compositional details and how to portray the rocks and water flow. This next series is the process of creating a tighter, more detailed painting using my study and the reference photos I took while I was at the Chalet.



I may go in and tweak a few details but this is the more or less finished piece.  I find painting water rather challenging and I may do several more paintings of the falls just to help me learn to do it a little better.


sperryfalls2014 004_natalienorrellstudio.com (800x600)

I think we must all have experiences in our lives that go in our ‘top ten days’ of our lives categories. My time at Sperry is in my top ten! I had such an awesome time at the Chalet and going back in to work with the study and looking at the photographs of my time there reminds me how beautiful and peaceful and joyful it was to be there painting. I worked my little fanny off while I was there – it was so demanding and so fulfilling at the same time.